How do I return items or packages back to the seller?

You can return the items or packages back to the merchant due to broken or malfunctioning items, or mistakes made by the merchant such as the wrong size or color. Kindly follow these steps to return the items or packages:

  1. Contact the merchants or sellers and tell them that you would like to return the items or packages. They will give you instructions and normally with a prepaid label for return. If not, we can assist you to purchase the prepaid label on your behalf.
  2. Make sure you know the seller’s return policy. Some stores will pay for the return shipping charge while others will require you to pay for the shipping charge.
  3. Go to My Packages > Incoming and find the packages you wish to return. Select “Return to sender” under Special Request.
  4. Click the “Pack Now” button and our team will start preparing your packages.
  5. Send the prepaid label to us via email at and we will return your packages. You don’t need to do anything else if you let us purchase the prepaid label for you.

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